Frazer Irving and David Hitchcock!

at our London Megastore

Join Frazer Irving signing Annihilator #1 and David Hitchcock signing Springheeled Jack, both at our London Megastore!

Annihilator is written by legendary comic creator Grant Morrison, and follows the story of washed-up Hollywood screenwriter Ray Spass, caught in a downward spiral of broken relationships, wild parties and self-destruction. Out of luck and out of chances, he's one failed script away from fading into obscurity. Little does he know he's about to write the story of his life. As his imagination runs rampant, Ray must join forces with his own fictional character Max Nomax on a reality-bending race to stop the entire universe from imploding - without blowing his own mind in the process.

In Springheeled Jack, Sir Jack Rackham is profoundly troubled man. Deeply traumatised by the mysterious loss of his wife and having spent time with the inmates of the Bedlam lunatic asylum, his sanity is close to breaking point. Now, he's haunted by visions of a black vulture with flaming eyes snatching his beloved wife, and decides that he must find the monster to discover the truth behind the disappearance. But just who or what is Springheeled Jack? Does the answer lie amongst the lunatics of Rackham’s sanatorium – or in the very heart of the British Empire: with Queen Victoria at Buckingham Palace?

"An ambitious and masterfully executed Victorian fever-dream." - Alan Moore

"Expertly told and truly creepy, this is Victorian melodrama at its most delirious" - Dave Gibbons

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