Doctor Who Risk Demonstration
at multiple locations

The Twelfth Doctor hits our TV Screens on 23rd August - so get ready with a game of Doctor Who: Risk!

In this great game, ONLY available from Forbidden Planet, you are the Daleks - Play as one of 5 different armies, either classic (Black, Bronze & Silver) or New Dalek Paradigm (Red & Yellow) as you invade Earth seeking an ancient weapon. Only once all opposition has been wiped out can you begin the search - will you be the last Dalek army left? Watch out for the TARDIS sweeping round the board to defend Earth!

As you fight for supremacy, the Doctor will do his best to stop you, bringing peace to a different territory each turn, and if your army is not victorious by his eleventh regeneration, then the battle is over and all Daleks must retreat as the Oncoming Storm saves the Earth.

Save £10.00 - To celebrate the return of The Doctor, this fantastic game will be available for one day only at the special price of £24.99!*

PLUS: Look out for other Doctor Who bargains in store on the day!

Demos run from 11:00am to 4:00pm in all stores. Space for players may be limited. Contact your local branch for more details.

*Special price only available in stores on Saturday 23rd August. Offer not available on line.

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