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Jeff VanderMeer signing Annihilation and Authority

  • [Jeff VanderMeer signing Annihilation and Authority ]
  • [Jeff VanderMeer signing Annihilation and Authority ]

Jeff VanderMeer will be signing Annihilation and Authority, and reading an exclusive reading from the third book in The Southern reach series, all at the Forbidden Planet London Megastore on Thursday 14th August from 4 – 5pm.

‘Original and beautiful, maddening and magnificent.’ Warren Ellis

Highly acclaimed, Jeff VanderMeer’s ‘The Southern Reach’ trilogy introduces us to Area X, monitored by a secret Agency knows as ‘The Southern Reach’. In ‘Annihilation’, the first book of the trilogy, we follow an expedition into Area X, manipulated by forces both strange and familiar. In ‘Acceptance’, following the disastrous results of the previous mission, a new team tackle the problem and the mysteries of Area X begin to reveal themselves – however the secrets are beyond anything they could have imagined.

At the signing, Jeff will reading an exclusive excerpt from the third book in the trilogy, ‘Acceptance’

Jeff VanderMeer is an American writer, editor, teacher, and publisher. He has won the BSFA Award, the World Fantasy Award and has been a Hugo Award finalist. He is best known for his contributions the New Weird and his stories about the city of Ambergris, in books like City of Saints and Madman. He is also the author of the celebrated Wonderbook, published 2913.

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