Robin Hobb signing Fool's Assassin

at our London Megastore

ROBIN HOBB will be signing FOOL’S ASSASSIN at the Forbidden Planet London Megastore on Tuesday 12th August from 6 – 7pm!

Twenty years after the publication of her classic novel Assassin’s Apprentice Robin Hobb returns to her best-loved characters. FitzChivalry Farseer has risked much for his king and lost more...Now he has a new name and a new life. And a quiet life with his wife Molly.

One winter night a messenger arrives to seek him out, but mysteriously disappears, leaving behind nothing but a blood-trail. What was the message? Who was the sender? And what has happened to the messenger? Suddenly Fitz’s violent old life erupts into the peace of his new world, and nothing and no one is safe...

Robin Hobb is one of the world’s finest writers of epic
fiction. She was born in California in 1952 but raised in
Alaska, where she learned how to raise a wolf cub, to
skin a moose and to survive in the wilderness. When
she married a fisherman who fished herring and the
Kodiak salmon-run for half the year, these skills would
stand her in good stead. She raised her family, ran a
smallholding, delivered post to her remote community, all at the same time as writing stories and novels. She succeeded on all fronts, raising four children and becoming an internationally best-selling writer. She lives in Tacoma, Washington State.

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