Join Philip Purser-Hallard signing The Pendragon Protocol

at our Bristol Megastore

PHILIP PURSER-HALLARD will be launching THE PENDRAGON PROTOCOL at the Forbidden Planet Bristol Megastore on Saturday 28th June from 1- 2pm.

The Circle are the modern-day successors of the Knights of the Round Table. Armed with the latest military hardware and operating from a hidden fortress on the South Bank, they protect 21st-century Britain from certain very specific threats – criminals who, like the Circle’s own Knights, have characters from Arthurian legend living inside their heads.

Jory Taylor, the Knight bearing the device of Sir Gawain, has grappled on the Circle’s behalf with mercenaries, serial killers and far-right terrorist cells. However, when he is captured by Gawain’s traditional enemy the Green Knight, he discovers a new side to the myths he lives by – one which, as he learns more about this clandestine world, becomes both threateningly personal and terrifyingly political.

Philip Purser-Hallard has written short stories featuring Sherlock Holmes and (separately) Doctor Who, and edited four anthologies. The Pendragon Protocols is his second novel (the first being Of the City of the Saved), but his first slipstream-urban- fantasy-thriller. When not writing, Philip edits official documents for a UK public body and looks after his four- year-old son. He looks forward to one day finding out what he does in his spare time.