MTG: Journey Into Nyx Game Day

at our Bristol Megastore

The events of Theros block come to a conclusion as you prepare to Defeat A God at Games Day Journey In To Nyx!

Players will need to bring their own 60 card standard legal deck to participate. This covers cards from the Return to Ravnica block, M14, Theros, Born of the Gods and the new Journey In To Nyx sets.

There will be a Champion play mat available for First Place and special Dictate of Kruphix promos for the top 8 and a Squelching Leeches promo for all players while stocks last. Additionally the most heroic players will have a chance to win a promo Hall of Triumph.

Most stores will also have the special Defeat a God Deck Challenge available for players to try and beat to add another achievement on their Heroes Path.