Robin Hardy brings The Wicker Man to Forbidden Planet!

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at our London Megastore


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On Monday 14th October, from 6 – 7pm, at our London Megastore, Forbidden Planet are delighted to welcome director Robin Hardy, signing the 40th anniversary edition of The Wicker Man.

When a young girl mysteriously disappears on a remote Scottish island, devout Christian Police Sergeant Howie (Edward Woodward) travels there to investigate. He finds a close-knit and secretive pastoral community living on an island paradise, ruled over by mysterious Lord Summerisle (Christopher Lee), with beliefs very much at odds with his puritanism. He begins to fear that the fate of the girl could be linked to the islanders' failing crops and their belief that only a sacrifice of the highest order will change their luck. As May Day festivities intensify and the islanders' behaviour becomes more frenzied, Howie's quest to save the girl becomes a race against time…

With a host of bonus features, this 40th anniversary double play edition is presented as The Final Cut. Approved by director Robin Hardy, The Final Cut is the finest and most complete version of The Wicker Man ever created.