FNM RTR Block Booster Draft

at our Bristol Megastore

Join us at Forbidden Planet Bristol for Friday Night Magic.

Our Bristol Store runs FNM every two weeks, please contact the store for more details of events.

This evening we will be conducting a Return to Ravnica block booster draft. All you need to bring to take part is one Return to Ravnica Booster, one Gate Crash Booster, and one Dragon's Maze booster, and enough mana with which to build a deck. Boosters will be available from the store if you need to purchase them before hand.

We will be separating you into a number of pods, with each player battling for ultimate victory. Rounds will be timed and a rare pull will be conducted at the end with players choosing cards in order of rank within their pod.

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  • Currently Unavailable Magic The Gathering: Return To Ravnica: Booster Pack
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