MTG: Modern Chaos

at our Bristol Megastore

Join us for a night of Chaos Magic; this exclusively multi-player format has a similar feel to Planechase. Players will be using their Modern format deck and compete against each other in all out war. But there is a twist! In the centre of the table will be the Chaos Deck.

The player who goes first is the Chaos player, before that player untaps at the beginning of his or her turn, that player flips a card from the Chaos Deck face up on the table. That card is considered "in effect" until the Chaos player flips a different card after a full series of turns. Any player may use any abilities granted by the card, or, if it has a specific effect, each player immediately resolves the effect.

It is a fun and quirky format where anything could happen so come along and join the fun! Please contact the store for more details.

Please note players will need to bring their own Modern Format deck for this event.

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