Launching Sarah Pinborough's 'Mayhem'

at our London Megastore

SARAH PINBOROUGH will be launching MAYHEM (Jo Fletcher Books) at the Forbidden Planet London Megastore on Friday 26th April from 6 – 7pm.

Gaslit London: while Jack the Ripper’s murders are making headlines, there’s another madman on the loose in the East End . . .

When a rotting torso is discovered in the vault of New Scotland Yard, it doesn’t take Dr Thomas Bond, Police Surgeon, long to realise that there is a second killer at work in the city where, only a few days before, Jack the Ripper brutally murdered two women in one night.

Though just as gruesome, this is the hand of a colder killer, one who lacks Jack’s emotion. And, as more headless and limbless torsos find their way into the Thames, Dr Bond becomes obsessed with finding the killer. As his investigations lead him into an unholy alliance, he starts to wonder: is it a man who has brought mayhem to the streets of London, or a monster?

Sarah Pinborough was a teacher, but now writes full-time. She is developing an original horror screenplay, Cracked, and her supernatural crime series, The Dog-Faced Gods, for TV. She has also written episodes for the popular BBC crime drama New Tricks. She lives in West London. Sarah has won the British Fantasy Award for Best Short Story and Best Novella, and has been shortlisted for Best Novel. She has also been shortlisted for the World Fantasy and Shirley Jackson Awards