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ROBERT LLEWELLYN will be revealing all – even the really embarrassing bits – in THE MAN IN THE RUBBER MASK, this completely updated inside story of RED DWARF. He’ll also be signing it at the Forbidden Planet London Megastore on Saturday 2nd March 1 – 2pm.

It was 1989 when Robert Llewellyn first had his head encased in the one-piece latex foam-rubber balaclava that was Kryten, and it gave him a distinctly funny turn.

Gazing at his own reflection and seeing the face of a robot staring back was surprisingly scary, not to mention sweaty. And he couldn’t even eat his lunch
. Since then, he has sweated, frozen, been set on fire, exploded, spent thousands of hours in the make-up chair and thousands more being taunted by Craig Charles. So it is a testament to the joyful camaraderie and life-enhancing silliness of Red Dwarf that 23 years later, Robert was still willing to risk life, limb and hairline to don the rubber torture helmet for Red Dwarf X, the triumphant return of the motley band of space bums.

Robert Llewellyn is an actor, novelist, screenwriter, comedian and TV presenter. As well as starring in Red Dwarf he has presented Scrapheap Challenge, How Do They Do It? and his own online show, Carpool. He is the author of five novels, including News from Gardenia published by Unbound. He writes under a rack of solar panels in Gloucestershire.

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