Peter V Brett launching The Daylight War

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at our London Megastore


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PETER V BRETT will be reading from and signing his stunning novel, THE DAYLIGHT WAR (HarperCollins) at the Forbidden Planet London Megastore on Tuesday 26th February from 6 – 7pm.

In THE DAYLIGHT WAR, Book Three of the hugely successful DEMON CYCLE, humanity is fighting back. Although the night still belongs to the demons that arise as the sun sets, new wards and weapons are giving those willing to fight in the darkness a chance to retaliate against their core-spawned enemies. But, as humanity is about to learn, not all monsters are confined to the dark.

Civil war ravages the north and south, battles fought between those who should be working together. It is up to Arlen the Painted Man and Jardir the Deliverer to put aside their differences and bring their people to terms if they are to have any chance of saving their civilisation from demon-rule.

Peter V. Brett went to the University at Buffalo, where he studied Dungeons & Dragons, fencing (and girls) and gained a Bachelor of Arts degree in English. Following college, Peter managed a comic shop and explored medical publishing. He lives in Brooklyn, NY.