MTG: Gatecrash Pre-Release Sealed Deck Tournament

at our Southampton Megastore

The event will be a sealed deck tournament and the tickets are just £25. This covers the cost of six Gate Crash boosters with which you will make your deck. In addition to the boosters each player will receive one promo card and one achievement card.

This set sees the release of the last five guilds of Ravnica: The Orzhov Syndicate (white/black), House Dimir (blue/black), The Gruul Clans (green/red), The Boros Legion (white/red), and The Simic Combine (blue/green).

This event is currently sold out but if you would like to observe a game in progress or get some hints and tips from the experts the games will be running all day Saturday. During the event Gatecrash Intro Packs will be available to purchase while stocks last.

Please contact the store for further information.

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