MTG: Gatecrash Pre-Release Event

at our Bristol Megastore

Come on over to our Bristol store for your chance to get a hold of the latest Magic The Gathering set a week before the official launch.

That’s right, Gatecrash is fast approaching! This set sees the release of the last five guilds of Ravnica: The Orzhov Syndicate (white/black), House Dimir (blue/black), The Gruul Clans (green/red), The Boros Legion (white/red) and The Simic Combine (blue/green).

As with Return to Ravnica each of the guilds will have a brand new mechanic and the set will focus on the use of multicoloured spells. After the success of the last set speculation is rife about this latest release, with rumours that the Planeswalker Gideon will be making an appearance in this set and will be allied to The Boros Legion!

The event will be a sealed deck tournament, and tickets are just £25 on the day or £23 if bought in advance.

For this you will receive your guild box containing everything you need to join your guild, five randomly selected Gatecrash boosters, one guild specific booster, one guild specific promo card, a dice in your guild colours, a guild crest sticker and a letter from your guild master welcoming you to the fold. But please remember to bring your own basic mana.

So sign up quickly, spaces are limited and you would not want to miss out on this spectacular event!

Please arrive at least twenty minutes before the start of the event to be registered. Contact our Bristol store for more information.

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