Brian Bolland signing Judge Dredd: The Complete Brian Bolland

at our London Megastore

BRIAN BOLLAND will be signing JUDGE DREDD: THE COMPLETE BRIAN BOLLAND (IDW) at the Forbidden Planet London Megastore on Saturday 12th January from 3 – 4pm.

Mega-City One, 2099. This vast urban nightmare has sprung up from the post-apocalyptic ashes of North America's east coast. Each of the 400 million citizens based there is a potential criminal and only the Judges can prevent total anarchy. These future lawmen are judge, jury, and executioner. Toughest of them all is Judge Dredd - he is the Law!

By the end of 1977 Brian Bolland was regularly handling art chores for John Wagner's scripts on Judge Dredd. All told, he illustrated 19 stories. Judge Dredd: The Complete Brian Bolland collects these stories in oversized format, featuring meticulous modern coloring by Charlie Kirchoff.

Brian Bolland has earned a reputation as one of the best cover artists in the industry, and his elegantly composed and beautifully rendered pieces have graced a host of titles, including ANIMAL MAN, BATMAN, THE FLASH, THE INVISIBLES, WONDER WOMAN and many more. He’s also the designer of our legendary ‘People Like Us’ t-shirts.

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