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Chicks Unravel Time at Forbidden Planet!

  • [Chicks Unravel Time at Forbidden Planet!]

Join Kaite Welsh, Juliet McKenna, Una McCormack, Iona Sharma, Elizabeth Bolton-Gabrielson and Laura Simpson unravelling time at Forbidden Planet London on Wednesday 5th December from 6 – 7pm!

Chicks Unravel Time is the sister book to the 2011 Hugo Award-winning Chicks Dig Time Lords and features a host of award-winning female writers, media professionals and scientists, examining each season of new and classic Doctor Who from their unique perspectives.

Join our guests as they celebrate female writers and all things Doctor Who. They’ll be free to talk about their writing, their love for science and for the show. This an evening to celebrate everything that chicks dig about Time Lords – and about Time itself!

Event Locations & Times

London Megastore
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