Robert Rankin signing The Educated Ape

at our London Megastore

ROBERT RANKIN is back! The Master of Far-Fetched Fiction will be signing THE EDUCATED APE at The Forbidden Planet Megastore on Saturday 10th November from 4:00 – 5:00pm.

The third book in Robert Rankin's highly acclaimed meta-Victorian series - a riotous tale of wicked women, a dangerous detective and Darwin the educated ape.

Lord Brentford has a dream. To create a Grand Exposition that will showcase The Wonders of the Worlds and encourage peace between the inhabited planets of Venus, Jupiter and Earth. Ernest Rutherford has a dream. To construct a time ship, powered by the large hadron collider he has built beneath the streets of London . Cameron Bell is England's greatest detective and he, too, has a dream. To solve the crime of the century before it takes place, without blowing up any more of London's landmarks. Darwin is a monkey butler and he also has a dream. To end Man's inhumanity to Monkey and bring a little joy into the world.

Robert Rankin is one of the great British eccentrics, standing alongside Viv Stanshall, Spike Milligan and Neil Innes, amongst others. 'To call Rankin irreverent doesn't begin to describe just how very good he is at playing with the rules', says the MIRROR, while THE DAILY EXPRESS says: 'Everybody should read at least one Robert Rankin in their life'. The newest opus from the Master of Far Fetched Fiction will enhance his reputation even further!