Daniel Polansky signing Tomorrow, The Killing

at our London Megastore

DANIEL POLANSKY will be signing his acclaimed novel TOMORROW, THE KILLING at Forbidden Planet London on Tuesday 16th October from 6 – 7pm.

As a soldier, the Warden witnessed the most dreadful things imaginable in the carnage of war. He also forged an allegiance with the inspirational but damaged Roland Montgomery, a general whose men would follow him to Hell. After the war Roland tried to change the society in which they lived - more altruistic than realistic, but his veterans loved him all the more for it...

He was found in the gutter with his throat slit. No one paid for the killing, but his little sister, Rhaine, wouldn't let his death pass. The first the Warden knew of trouble brewing was when he was summoned to the big house on the hill, for a meeting with Roland's father. He wanted his daughter back - knew she was looking for trouble and the killer in Low Town, doubtless in deep danger herself amongst the grime and swelter of the narrow streets and cut-throats.

Daniel Polansky's love of classic crime and high fantasy novels is reflected in his work. He was born in the USA in 1984, majored in Philosophy at college, has taught English in Taiwan, worked in Washington DC, and currently lives in Brooklyn. He loves hip hop, soul and funk and travelling through unusual countries.