Jon Burgerman Plays and Signs

at our London Megastore

Jon Burgerman will be signing My American Summer at the Forbidden Planet London Megastore at 1:00pm on Saturday 6th October.

Jon Burgerman describes 'My American Summer' - A couple of years ago I left the UK for the Summer and went to LA and NYC. I was feeling pretty burnt out after working hard for about 10 years for clients and on personal projects. Originally I wanted to make a comic book but due to lack of discipline (and talent) failed and sort of kept a comic book diary during my sojourn abroad. This book is the result of that time. It's the first collection of my work like this, a confessional monologue in my 'voice'; silly, funny, sad and all lovingly coloured in. The story begins with me trying to make a comic, becoming frustrated with myself and then fleeing for the States. It then touches upon my time there before realising three months is almost up and that you can never really escape yourself.

Jon Burgerman describes himself - Jon Burgerman has cutout pictures of animals above his desk where he works. The first to be added, and probably still his favourite, is a baby penguin going to the toilet, with some force. When not cooing over nature's fluffy defecating creations he likes doodling. His doodles have adorned t-shirts, snowboards, magazine covers, books, toys, computer games and airplane sick-bags. Working freelance enables him to snooze through most of the day; he is at heart a very lazy person.

To start the event, Jon will be joined by Jim Avignon to play some songs by their band, Anxieteam.

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