Magic The Gathering Return To Ravnica Pre-release 30 Hour Marathon!

at our Croydon Store

Come on over to our Croydon store for your chance to get a hold of the new M:TG set before the official launch in a thirty hour game marathon!

There are 6 events running over the 2 days; 2 Midnight Sealed Tournaments, 2 Day Time Sealed tournaments and 2 Evening Two Headed Giant Sealed events. Please contact the store for pricing and availability. The price covers the cost of six Return to Ravnica boosters with which you will make your deck (please bring your own mana). In addition to the boosters each player will receive one promo card (while stocks last) and one achievement card.

This set sees the much anticipated return of five of the Ravnica guilds, Azorius (white/blue), Izzet (blue/red), Rakdos (black/red), Golgari (black/green), and Selesnya (white/green), each guild comes with its own mechanism, and more importantly its own promo card! So book your place now and select which guild you will fight for.

There are a limited number of places, so book early to avoid disappointment! Players may attend all pre-release events to fight for different guilds. Please arrive at least twenty minutes before the start of the event to be registered. Participation discounts are applied for playing in 3 or more events!

This tournament starts at midnight on Friday and runs until 10:00pm on Sunday! Only the strong will survive!

Return to Ravnica Intro Packs will be available for purchase on the day.

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