GAMES CLUB in Bristol

at our Bristol Megastore

Join us in our Bristol Store on Sunday 23rd September for our first ever GAMES CLUB!

At this very exceptional event you will have the opportunity to play two specially selected games. This week will feature “Shadows Over Camelot”, a cooperative questing strategy game, and “Settlers of Catan”, a colonisation based trading game. It promises to be a fun filled night so come along bring some friends and play an amazing game. We’ll see you there!

Welcome to GAMES CLUB!

The Rules of GAMES CLUB

1st Rule: You must talk about GAMES CLUB

2nd Rule: You MUST talk about GAMES CLUB

3rd Rule: If someone cheats, strops off or gives up the game is over

4th Rule: 2 - 8 players to a game

5th Rule: One Game at a time (or more if we have room)

6th Rule: No shirts, no shoes....errr hang on

7th Rule: Games will go on as long as they have to (or until we call time)

8th Rule: If this is your first night at GAMES CLUB, you HAVE to play

No prior knowledge needed to play the game as we'll teach you everything you need to know on the day! We look forward to seeing you in store!