Portal Day at Forbidden Planet Croydon!

at our Croydon Store

Congratulations [TEST SUBJECTS NAME], after many months of surveying and watching the failures of others, not as pretty as yourself, you have been carefully selected, with no random factors whatsoever, to become the latest, and most attractive, participant in the Aperture Laboratories Off Site Test Programme. With the help of the most qualified scientific minds the London Borough has to offer, the staff of Forbidden Planet Croydon, you will be part of tests that when completed will make you feel, smarter, stronger, sexier and overall a better individual.

Remember you are testing, for science. We look forward to your indefinite visit, The Aperture Laboratories Team


Get your hands on the new Portal gun replicas and give them a whirl with help of alumni test subject Chell. Take part in trail runs of a Test Chamber on Portal 2 to become the "Number 1 Test Subject" The Store will be fully stocked with Portal goodies from Space Core keyrings to Portal bookends! Do you qualify for the Aperture Laboratories Advanced Candidate Forever Vacation? Take the test to find out and a £10 gift voucher may be yours. *FREE CAKES (Not a lie)