MTG Pre-Release 2013: Preview event in Croydon!

at our Croydon Store

Come on over to our Croydon store for your chance to get hold of the new M:TG set before the official launch.

The event will be a Sealed 2 Headed Giant tournament. The tickets are £16 per person, this covers the cost of four Magic 2013 boosters (with which you and your partner will make your decks) and prizes, bring your own mana. In addition to the boosters each player will receive one Xathrid Gorgon promo card (while stocks last) and one achievement card.

This set sees the use of Legendaries for the first time in a core set since before M10, and also contains the sixth Planeswalker, Nicol Bolas; the first gold card ever to be printed into a core set! So come on down and have an amazing time and see what fantastic cards you can get your hands on!

Contact the store for details on Special prices for advanced signups!

Please be aware the event will start at 12pm, late admissions may not be accepted.

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