Meet Michael Hussar

at our London Megastore

MICHAEL HUSSAR will be signing WHITE: A DECADE (Baby Tattoo) at the Forbidden Planet London Megastore on Saturday 12th May from 1 – 2pm.

Spectacularly produced with a white cloth cover, embossed outer band, gold-edged pages, vellum inserts, and spot-varnished title treatments, this 250 page book is as tactilely pleasing as it is visually stunning. Over ten years in the making, the paintings and sketches in this book provide unprecedented insight into Hussar’s process while presenting a historic look at one of the artist’s recurring aesthetic themes - white.

Publisher Bob Self explains, “For over ten years, Michael has been creating a series of paintings that make significant use of the color white, and the book is a reflection of those efforts. Michael’s white is not the emptiness of the blank canvas; it is the substance of layer upon layer of paint - white on white with a splash of red.”

Along with Hussar’s impactful and influential white paintings produced between 1999 and 2009, the book contains a wealth of thought provoking preliminary sketches.

Michael Hussar is an American fine artist who creates remarkably meticulous oil paintings using modern masters' techniques. His work focuses on provocative aspects of the human form and psyche. Hussar is one of a handful of realist painters who are regarded as pioneers of the alternative art movement. He has a degree from Art Center College of Design where he taught portrait painting for nearly 10 years. He currently teaches workshops in the US and Europe, and shows internationally. His original paintings are in many prestigious collections.