MTG: Avacyn Restored Pre-Release in Bristol

at our Bristol Megastore

Come on over to our Bristol store for your chance to get hold of the new M:TG set before the official launch. The event will be a sealed deck tournament. The tickets are £20, this covers the cost of six Avacyn Restored boosters with which you will make your deck. In addition to the boosters each player will receive one promo card (Moonsliver Spear) while stocks last, and one event card.

This event is also marked by the addition of the Helvault! All players attending the event will have the opportunity to complete certain requirements from their event cards; this will allow them to open the seals on the Helvault. But what’s inside? Nobody knows! If you want to find out come into store and get your ticket now, there are only thirty places available, so hurry to get involved!

Please be aware the event will start at 5pm, late admissions may not be accepted.