MTG: Avacyn Restored Weekend in Croydon

at our Croydon Store

Join the Forbidden Planet Croydon Team for the exciting pre-release of Avacyn Restored on Saturday the 28th April at 12:00 until 18:00 and get your hands on some new cards before their official release! There are promo cards for participation, prizes and the chance to open the Legendary Helvault...

The event will be a sealed deck tournament, where players will receive 6 Avacyn Restored Boosters with which to make a 40 card deck, and compete to become the store’s Prerelease Champion!

As this is an official Wizards of the Coast event, players will need a DCI number to participate. If you don’t have a DCI number already, don’t worry! The team will be happy to sign you up on the day!

Contact the store for pricing and availability, as space may be limited!