David Weber signing A Mighty Fortress

at our London Megastore

Join us for a special, PRE-EASTERCON signing by DAVID WEBER for his astounding novel A Mighty Fortress at the Forbidden Planet Megastore, 179 Shaftesbury Avenue, London, WC2H 8JR, on Thursday 21st April 6 – 7pm.

The fourth book in the Safehold series, and not due for publication in the UK until early May, Mighty Fortress takes us to Charis, now a place of refuge for all who treasure freedom. But The Group of Four, the clique that controls most of Safehold, has decreed Charis’ destruction and they will not rest until it has been erased forever. Their juggernaut rumbles down, but Merlin Athrawes and a handful of extraordinary human beings stand in its path. The Group of Four is about to discover just how potent the power of human freedom truly is.

David Weber is one of the greats of space opera and military science fiction. An American author and a rare visitor to the UK, he’s noted for his consistent and rationally explained technology and society – even when dealing with the fantasy genre. Often compared to C.S Forester, he’s also known for his gender-neutral military – and for frequently placing female leading characters in traditionally male roles. Previously the owner of a small advertising and public relations agency, Weber now writes science fiction full time - and is the recipient of the sort of critical praise once reserved for a Heinlein or an Asimov.