Meet The Write Fantastic

at our Bristol Megastore

To celebrate the release of Stan Nicholls’ novel Orcs Bad Blood 2: Army of Shadows, Stan Nicholls, Juliet E McKenna, Chaz Brenchley and Kari Sperring will be at the Forbidden Planet Bristol Megastore, Clifton Heights, Triangle West on Saturday 24th October from 1 – 2pm.

The Write Fantastic is an authors’ initiative to introduce fantasy to readers who unfamiliar with the genre, and to entice back those who have drifted away. Their combined work covers fantasy writing from orcs and dragons, swords and sorcery, right through to the to re-imagining of myth and history, and the magics of matter, mind and spirit. Contemporary fantasy is about far more than escape. Freed of the constraints and preconceptions of other fiction, it holds up a mirror to this world and time and engages the imagination like no other genre.

In Orcs Bad Blood 2, Stryke and the Wolverines are back with more frenetic action, nail-biting adventure and black humour – this time, stranded in a parallel world. To escape, they must ignite an uprising and reawaken the lost martial spirit of the world's indigenous orcs.

As well as Orcs, there will be other titles by Stan Nicholls, alongside novels by Juliet, Chaz and Kari. Come and meet The Write Fantastic – and talk to them about their work!