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Howard Chaykin signing American Flagg!

  • [Howard Chaykin signing American Flagg!]
  • [Howard Chaykin signing American Flagg!]

Alongside Watchmen and Batman: The Dark Knight Returns - Howard Chaykin's American Flagg! was a massive-selling hit in the 1980s, breaking new ground in comics storytelling and influencing a generation of writers and artists. In America, in 2031, TV star Reuben Flagg is drafted to protect the citizens of Chicago as a Plexus Ranger. The inexperienced Flagg must tackle an America blighted by a biased and oppressive media, dubious 'wars', widespread corruption and environmental disaster. Never-before collected, this bitingly prescient satirical series is an all-time classic.

Howard Chaykin has had an illustrious career, writing for more than comics. As well as American Flagg!, he illustrated the original Star Wars comics, and wrote and illustrated Blackhawk, The Shadow, Black Kiss, Time(Squared) and, more recently, Challengers of the Unknown. In television, he wrote for Earth: Final Conflict and The Flash; he was also Executive Consultant on Mutant X and Supervising Producer on Viper.

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