Kim Stanley Robinson signing Galileo's Dream

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Renaissance Italy abounds in alchemy and Aristotle, yet trembles on the brink of moderisation. One night, a stranger comes to Galileo with a new telescope, showing him Jupiter’s surface as a blasted wasteland – the image of Catholic Hell. Galileo has been ‘called’ by the residents of one of the planet’s moons – he has to succeed in his own world and time in order for them to survive. By day Galileo's life unfurls, leading inexorably to his trial for heresy. By night, he struggles to be an arbiter in a distant conflict he barely understands. This gloriously thought-provoking novel brings us Galileo as we have always wanted to know him, in full.

With a list of academic laurels and industry awards to his name, Kim Stanley Robinson is a writer of true ‘hard’ science fiction – a spiritual descendent of Jules Verne and closely aligned with Isaac Asimov; he’s known to use proven scientific fact and technology in his highly acclaimed work. He became familiar to SF readers with his Orange County series of books in the mid 1980s – but is perhaps best-known for the Mars trilogy, Red Mars, Green Mars and Blue Mars, the last of which was published in 1996.