Amanda Palmer Signing Who Killed Amanda Palmer

at our London Megastore

Forbidden Planet is delighted to be hosting a signing with Amanda Palmer for her daring and beautiful art book Who Killed Amanda Palmer at the Forbidden Planet Megastore.

Amanda Palmer grew up dreaming of being an artist, a performer and a provocateur. She’s moved from an eight-foot Living Bride statue to one half of the cabaret punk duo The Dresden Dolls into work as a solo artist both inspirational and controversial. Among her continuous and eclectic collection of creative projects, she spins time to be singer and songwriter, audacious pianist and film-maker – all genre-shattering and massively expressive. Amanda Palmer is not an artist, she’s an art form.

Who Killed Amanda Palmer is the photographic and literary interpretation of her Ben Folds-produced solo debut. Featuring a collection of soft, dark and beautiful images of Amanda’s own death and collected over fourteen years of travelling the world, the book also offers stories by Neil Gaiman. The book is fascinating, tragic and compelling – Beth Hommel describes it as, ‘…many shades of murder; equal parts horror and humor’. Intrigued or shocked, it’s a book that begs a reaction.

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