Joe Abercrombie signing Best Served Cold

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A revenge story to rival Kill Bill for violence and dark humour, Best Served Cold tells the story of Monza Murcatto, the most feared mercenary in Duke Orso’s employ. Her victories have made her rich and very popular, a little too popular for her employer. Monza is betrayed, beaten and left for dead at the bottom of a mountain, with only the burning desire for revenge driving her onwards.

Seven men must die, and with the help of a band of misfits, murders and drunks Monza must face enemies far more numerous than her meagre army. And that is even before Duke Orso, her number one target, dispatches the most dangerous man in the land to finish her off.

Since his debut series The First Law, Joe has sold a quarter of a million copies of his first three novels. Catapulted to the top ranks of fantasy writers, his winning formula is terrific, punchy prose, razor-sharp characterisation and a witty, darkly comic vein. His novels are enjoyed by those who love the genre of fantasy as well as those who like to lose themselves in the complex politics and plotting of the richest, and grittiest, historical epics.

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