Mark Charan Newton - Nights of Villjamur

at our London Megastore

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Already making a name for itself as ‘a contender for the best fantasy novel of 2009’, Nights of Villjamur is Mark’s epic debut work. With a richly convoluted plot and a corrupt and decadent culture, the story is told from multiple points of view, each with a distinct voice and agenda. Gloriously complex and beautifully evocative, Nights of Villjamur sets a new standard in fantasy fiction writing.

Born in 1981 and now living in Nottingham, UK, Mark writes strange and highly erudite fantasy fiction and brings a new level of literacy and awareness to the genre. When not wandering the streets of Villjamur, you’ll find him enjoying books, guitars, geeks, cheap indie-music bars – or escaping the big city completely.

Nights of Villjamur will be available to buy on the day, but if you can't make it to the signing, click here to order your signed copy.

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