Doctor Who: 8th

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  1. [10th Doctor: Year Two #17 (Cover A Diaz)] Doctor Who: 10th: Year Two
  2. [12th Doctor: Year Two #15 (Cover A Ianniciello)] Doctor Who: 12th: Year 2
  3. [Assassin's Creed #14 (Cover A Fuso)] Assassins Creed
  4. [9th Doctor #13 (Cover A Alves)] Doctor Who: 9th
  5. [11th Doctor: Year Two #15 (Cover A Humberstone)] Doctor Who: 11th: Year Two
  6. [Black Mould #5 (Cover A Hughes)] Rivers Of London: Black Mould
  7. [Dark Souls #4 (Cover A Quah)] Dark Souls
  8. [Will Of Iron #4 (Cover A Percival)] Warhammer 40,000: Will Of Iron
  9. [A Study In Pink #6 (Cover A Ianniciello)] Sherlock: A Study In Pink
  10. [3rd Doctor #5 (Cover A Walker)] Doctor Who: 3rd
  11. [Torchwood #4 (Cover A Yates)] Torchwood
  12. [Supremacy Of The Cybermen #3 (Cover A Vitti)] Doctor Who: Supremacy Of The Cybermen
  13. [Templars #9 (Cover A Calero)] Assassin's Creed: Templars
  14. [Hookjaw #4 (Cover A Boyle)] Hookjaw
  15. [The Mummy #5 (Cover A Mccrea)] The Mummy
  16. [11th Doctor: Year Three #6 (Cover A Alves)] Doctor Who: 11th Doctor
  17. [Gold #4 (Cover A Loftis)] Tank Girl: Gold
  18. [Vikings #4 (Cover A Snejbjerg)] Vikings
  19. [10th Doctor: Year Three #4 (Cover A Alves)] Doctor Who: 10th Doctor: Year Three
  20. [Mycroft #5 (Cover A Ronald)] Mycroft