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All three seasons of the animated TV series in which Spider-Man forms an alliance with Iceman and Firestar.

Known collectively as ‘The Spider Friends’, the super-trio set out to fight crime in New York City. Along the way they do battle with Spidey’s arch-enemies, while also meeting other heroes and villains from the Marvel comics world.

Episodes comprise: ‘The Triumph of the Green Goblin’, ‘The Crime of All Centuries’, ‘The Fantastic Mr Frump’, ‘Sunfire’, ‘Swarm’, ‘7 Little Superheroes’, ‘Video Man’, ‘The Prison Plot’, ‘Spidey Goes to Hollywood’, ‘The Vengeance of Loki’, ‘Knights and Demons’, ‘Pawns of the Kingpin’, ‘The Quest for the Red Skull’, ‘The Origin of the Iceman’, ‘Along Came Spidey’, ‘A Firestar Is Born’, ‘Spider-Man: Unmasked’, ‘The Transylvanian Connection’, ‘The Education of a Superhero’, ‘Attack of the Arachnoid’, ‘Origin of the Spider-Friends’, ‘Spidey Meets the Girl from Tomorrow’, ‘The X-Men Adventure’ and ‘Mission: Save The Guardstar’.