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    Directed by: Masahiro Ando
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UA: Experimental virus thought to be developed by the CIA, its name taken from the Swahili word for “kill” and “flower”. Exposure usually results in death within 12 hours. There is no known cure. Survivors of the virus are known as Borners and are left with permanent patterns on the skin.

Canaan is a war orphan raised by an ex-mercenary named Sham. Gifted with a rare 6th sense, Canaan’s life is set for revenge when Sham is murdered by the leader of a bio-terrorism organisation known as Snake, who have claimed responsibility for UA attacks.

Close to obtaining the only known anti-virus to UA and wishing to profit from it, Snake’s only obstacle is a woman known as Canaan…

An explosive anime thriller set in the marketplaces and remote countryside of China, Canaan is an incendiary conspiracy story directed by Masahiro Ando (Full Metal Alchemist and Cowboy Bebop).


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