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    Author: MAD
    Published by: Time Warner
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“The Usual Gang of Idiots,” as their writers and artists have long called themselves, brilliantly satirize politics, celebrities, movies, television, advertising, music and more. (They’ve never been above a cheap gag or a horrific pun, either.)

“Totally MAD” is a celebration of this cultural touchstone and includes such classics as “Spy vs. Spy”, Al Jaffee’s “The MAD Fold-in”, Sergio Aragones’ “A MAD Look At”…, Dave Berg’s “The Lighter Side of…Planet Tad”, “The MAD Strip Club”, “The Fundalini Pages”, the spectacular movie and TV satires of Mort Drucker, Jack Davis and Tom Richmond plus the outrageous artwork of Don Martin and Drew Friedman. Specially complied by the staff of “MAD”, each page is lavishly illustrated by many of the world’s greatest cartoonists and humorous illustrators. Whether you grew up with “MAD” in the 50s, 60s or 70s, reading it under the covers with a flashlight so your parents wouldn’t catch you, or in the 80s, 90s and beyond, reading it while watching the “MAD” TV shows on Fox and Cartoon Network, this book will bring back great memories and create new ones.