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Flowers Of Evil: Volume 3

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  • In the third volume of The Flowers of Evil, Takao must make a decision.

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Product Description

  • Artist
    Shuzo Oshimi  
    Shuzo Oshimi  
    Trade Paperback  
    Cat No.
    Anime & Manga  
    Vertical Press  
    Graphic Novel  
  • In the third volume of The Flowers of Evil, Takao must make a decision.

    He now has an opportunity to break free from the social shackles that Nakamura has placed on him, as he has a chance to be loved by someone he has affections for. This could also be an opportunity to be accepted by the masses in his small community. But with this choice comes fear and self-reflection.

    After having an chance trip to Nakamura’s place, where he got to experience the world his only “friend” has grown up in, he realizes that for both teens, there is very little future to look forward to as they are raised in the boonies. Their lives are mapped out before them. For most adolescents these days, life will continue to be blase at best, miserable at worst.

    Can they change things together? Do they want to even bother?

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