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GTO: The Early Years: Volume 15

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  • The time has come…High School is almost over and their future awaits.

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    Tohru Fujisawa  
    Tohru Fujisawa  
    Trade Paperback  
    Cat No.
    Anime & Manga  
    Vertical Press  
    Graphic Novel  
  • The time has come…High School is almost over and their future awaits.

    Onizuka must figure out what his relationship with his best friends are and Danma must make his final decision on his romance life. Both have been through a lot over the last 6 years but in a matter of days their entire lives will be decided.

    So how best to resolve these problems than by doing what teenage bikers do best…Ride the streets with their best buds and settle things with their fists!

    A quick trip to the shore with Shinomi gives Onizuka a chance to tell this tough girl how he has felt about her all this time (it’s a relationship that began in 7th grade). And the OniBaku have their legend come to a formal conclusion as the two brothers-in-arms take on each other before hundreds in Shonan for the first and final time! And when the dust settles the two friends, beaten and battered, leap from a 5-story building to their end… The end of their time as Street Performers! Now they will go their seperate ways - one to Tokyo and one to Yokohama - to make it on their own as adults! It’s the Shonan way!

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