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Halo 4: Collector's Edition Prima Official Game Guide (Hardcover)

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  • After thirty years of war with the Covenant, humanity finally found victory.

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  • After thirty years of war with the Covenant, humanity finally found victory.

    The Master Chief, a Spartan super-soldier, and Cortana, an AI construct of unmatched technical sophistication, put an end to the Covenant, the Flood, and the threat of the Halo Array on a remote installation known as the Ark. Now, in the wake of the conflict, the Chief and Cortana drift through space aboard the remains of Forward Unto Dawn, slowly approaching a mysterious artificial world they will soon come to call Requiem.

    Hard Cover – Features a hard cover with exclusive artwork, unique treatments, and limited edition numbering for collectability.

    EXCLUSIVE Content – Includes an additional 48 pages of ‘Behind-The-Scenes’ content, interviews, concept art, and photos from 343 Industries.

    EXCLUSIVE Map Cards – 10 War Games specific Dry-Erase Cards with MLG pro tips.

    EXCLUSIVE Free Download – Includes free download for the Cryptum Avatar T-Shirt.

    MLG Pro Strategy – Get expert advice for every War Game map and game type from MLG pro Halo players and MLG tournament champions- Michael “Strongside” Cavanaugh, Michael “Flamesword” Chavez, Marcus “Elumnite” Lovejoy, and Brett “Naded” Leonard.

    Free Online Updates – Complete the Spartan Ops weekly episodic campaign. Redeem the digital access code provided to learn key strategies, watch gameplay video from the devs, and complete all missions.

    Critical Appendix – Details info on Achievements, Emblems, and Multiplayer medals.

    Become a Legend – Offers the very best tactics to get you through the campaign with a Heroic walkthrough and Legendary tips.

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