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  • Currently Unavailable Girls With Games Of Blood
    Author: Alex Bledsoe
    Published by: Tor
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Listen to what I tell you, son, every word is true / The sisters haunt the night, and might fight over you Nothing can steal your soul and stamp it in the mud / Like being the new play-pretty for the girls with the games of blood. The old song warned of the beautiful Bolade sisters, Patience and Prudence, whose undying rivalry was said to stretch even beyond the grave. But Count Rudolfo Zginski has never heard this song. A suave Continental vampire, staked to death more than sixty years ago, he has only recently risen again to stalk the nights of Memphis, Tennessee, circa 1975. Although new to the modern world, he has quickly developed a taste for its luxuries - in particular, high-speed automobiles. Yet the seventies are not without their perils, even for so cunning a predator. Zginski’s pursuit of a cherry 1973 Ford Mustang brings him into conflict with a legendary redneck sheriff with a short temper and a big baseball bat. His fascination with an enticing undead chanteuse and her equally seductive sister threatens not only his own ageless existence, but that of the small coven of modern-day vampires he has grudgingly taken under his wing. Zginski has escaped limbo once, but can he free himself from the tangled web of the girls who play games of blood?


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