Marvel Tales By Alan Davis

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  • New ClanDestine adventures from legendary comics creator Alan Davis!

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  • Artist
    Alan Davis  
    Alan Davis  
    trade paperback  
    Cat No.
    Previews August 2012  
    Marvel Comics  
    Graphic Novels  
  • New ClanDestine adventures from legendary comics creator Alan Davis!

    What dark secrets haunt Marvel’s most secretive family? As the Thing and the Human Torch investigate a mysterious magical space-time paradox with Dr. Strange, the return of a menace from the past sets Daredevil and the ClanDestine on a collision course! And a debt owed to a dead man causes Wolverine to seek the truth behind the mystery of the rogue member of the ClanDestine family called.Vincent! Plus: Thor embarks on one of his most epic adventures ever when the God of Thunder and his fellow Asgardians visit Midgard’s ancient Egypt and leave behind a startling legacy that will change our world forever!

    Collecting Fantastic Four Annual #33, Daredevil Annual (2012) #1, Wolverine Annual (2012) #1 and Thor: Truth Of History.

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