• [Doctor Who: Character Building Mini Set: Let's Kill Hitler (Product Image)]
  • Doctor Who: Character Building Mini Set: Let's Kill Hitler

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    Universe: Doctor Who
    Manufacturer: Character Options
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Product Description

Build your own adventures in time and space with these 3 Character Building Doctor Who mini construction playsets featuring key characters from the hit TV show.

Each playset includes at least one Doctor Who micro-figure and are compatible with all the playsets from the Character Building Doctor Who toy range so you can collect and connect! Choose from The Girl Who Waited Mini Set, The Doctor in Berlin Mini Set and TARDIS Dematerialising Mini Set.

Summoned back to Leadworth by Amy and Rory, the Doctor is introduced to Mels, their childhood best friend. When Mels suggests a trip to the Third Reich, the TARDIS crashes, inadvertently saving the life of Adolf Hitler. For also in Berlin in 1938 is a mysterious Justice Department Teselecta ship, on a mission to punish the war criminals of the past – and they’ve just discovered they’ve bigger fish to fry than Hitler on this mission…After Mels is shot by Hitler, the truth of her identity is revealed as she starts to regenerate…this time into the woman we know as River Song. But will Melody recognise herself or will she continue on with her mission to kill the Doctor? And how much will the Doctor find out about his future in the meantime?

Highly detailed Character Building Doctor Who construction playset featuring 2 micro-figures; Amy Pond and Rory Williams.