• [Fighting Fantasy: Book 17: Blood Of The Zombies  (Product Image)]
  • Fighting Fantasy: Book 17: Blood Of The Zombies

    • Discontinued
    Author: Ian Livingstone
    Published by: Wizard Publishing
    • Discontinued

      This item is no longer available for purchase.


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Product Description

Fighting Fantasy co-creator Ian Livingstone CBE brings the world’s original gamebook series - 30 years old this month - to the world of the zombie.

YOU are kidnapped and wake up in chains in an underground cell of a castle in a remote part of Romania. You discover the castle is owned by a megalomaniac who is running a secret scientific programme - injecting hundreds of prisoners with Zombie blood! You are next in line and don’t have much time to escape. Armed with a machete and a machine gun, only YOU stand between a Zombie army and the end of the world. Can you kill all the Zombies or will you become one of them too? Narrative-driven, and with simplified combat and gameplay, this is a Fighting Fantasy gamebook for the 21st century.