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An Evil Guest

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  • “Lovecraft” meets “Blade Runner” in a stand-alone supernatural horror novel.

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    Gene Wolfe  
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  • “Lovecraft” meets “Blade Runner” in a stand-alone supernatural horror novel. Gene Wolfe can write in whatever genre he wants - and always with superb style and profound depth. Now following his World Fantasy Award - winner, Soldier of Sidon, and his stunning “Pirate Freedom”, Wolfe turns to the tradition of H. P. Lovecraft and the weird science tale of supernatural horror. Set a hundred years in the future, “An Evil Guest” is the story of an actress who becomes the lover of both a mysterious private detective and an even more mysterious and powerful rich man, a man who has been to the human colony on an alien planet and learned strange things there. Her loyalties are divided - perhaps she loves them both. The detective helps her to release her inner beauty and become a star overnight. The rich man is the angel of a play she stars in. But something is very wrong. Money can be an evil guest, but there are other evils. As Lovecraft said, “That is not dead which can eternal lie.”

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