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Darkness Becomes Her

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Product Description

  • Author
    Jaime Rush  
    Cat No.
    Paranormal Romance  
    Avon Books  
  • Lachlan McLeod doesn’t get out very much. He’s been keeping himself away from society ever since he became addicted to using his powers and caused a fatal mistake. He had astral projected into the past but didn’t realize that his present body was acting out the past until it was too late and his mother was dead. Luckily, Lachlan hasn’t been able to astral project since then. Until now…Jessie isn’t even her real name. But it doesn’t matter what she’s called now because she’ll just have to change it again soon. Jessie’s been on the run since she was a child and she watched her uncle kill her mother and then take over her father’s body. And if that wasn’t traumatizing enough, she quickly realized that she was in possession of the same “becoming” power as her evil uncle. Though she can’t change herself into an evil smoke-dog like he can, she knows that she can never get close enough to someone to lose control. They’re two people who don’t play well with others. But they’re going to have to learn to, and quickly. Because they’re the only two people in the world who can save each other.

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