• [Hetalia Axis Powers: Paint It, White! (Product Image)]
  • Discontinued Hetalia Axis Powers: Paint It, White!
    Directed by: Bob Shirohata
    • Discontinued

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It’s totally the end of the world

The Pictorians have arrived from deep in space. They also have dangly glow-balls on their heads, which is kinda cool, but still. The freaky aliens are using use their crazy rainbow-beam-thingy to paint everything on Earth the same color: white! See, now the title of the movie makes more sense, right? Anyway, if the Pictorians are to be stopped, the Allied guys and the Axis boys - plus some new characters, too - must set aside their differences, unite against their common foe, and hopefully get together for a sweaty workout to make sure they’re super-ready to save the world!