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The Tainted Realm: Book 1: Vengeance

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  • The first volume in Ian Irvine’s new fast-paced fantasy adventure series.

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Product Description

  • Author
    Ian Irvine  
    Cat No.
    Orbit Books  
  • The first volume in Ian Irvine’s new fast-paced fantasy adventure series.

    Ten years ago, two children witnessed a murder. Tali saw two people kill her mother, and though she is only a slave in underground Cython, she has sworn revenge. She may be nothing to those who live above ground, but she will bring the killers to justice. Rix, heir to Hightspall’s greatest fortune, watched as two masked figures murdered a woman for reasons he still doesn’t understand. Even now, he is haunted by the killing. Tali’s escape from slavery leads to war with Hightspall and, when she is rescued by Rix, they’re hunted through a land in chaos. As Tali and Rix set out to unravel the mystery behind her mother’s death, Rix is tormented by sickening premonitions that he too will commit murder - Tali’s murder. Within days, Hightspall is close to defeat. The only way to save the realm is to unmask and defeat the killer. But how can Tali avenge herself on a sorcerer who died two thousand years ago?

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