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Some of our fondest memories from Portal 2 were of carrying PotatOS around the testing facility. We felt so close to her; it was almost like we were friends. Except we weren’t, really. But we understand. Her days used to be easy. She tested. Nobody murdered her or put her in potato or fed her to birds. It was a pretty good life until we showed up.

If you missed the children’s Science Fair at Aperture Labs, no worries! We’ve packaged nearly everything you need in this handy PotatOS Science Kit. The kit even includes a miniature science fair poster with brand new content from Valve’s writing team! Why “nearly everything,” you ask? You’ll have to provide your own potato, but we’re sure you have one nearby. Follow the directions and in minutes you’ll turn a mild-mannered Russet potato into your very own PotatOS that lights up and will insult you, just like old times.

Product Specifications

-Science kit to make your own PotatOS

-It really works! When assembled, PotatOS’s light will illuminate & talk

-17 audio clips from Portal 2 included

-Press a button on the PotatOS unit when you need to crush your ego

-Yellow light blinks when PotatOS speaks

-Package includes:

-1 main PotatOS unit -2 tall wire guides -2 round head pins -3 rubber bands -6 U-shaped staples -Instructions -Miniature science fair poster

-Potato not included, so add that to your grocery list

-Click the details tab above to see what the PotatOS will say

-Cardboard science backdrop includes new material from Valve’s writing team!

-Officially licensed Portal 2 collectible

-Batteries: CR2032 (included)

-Not a Toy. For ages 14+

-Note: Do not eat the potato after using it for PotatOS.


PotatOS is a simulated science kit. It is not actually powered by the potato you supply. A single potato could not provide the voltage needed for LEDs and voice. An internal button-type battery provides power. However, PotatOS detects when it is connected to a potato giving the illusion of being powered by the potato. Gotcha? Good.