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“An honest life is no life at all, all duty and servitude and struggling to survive at the feet of someone born to better. A dishonest life is the way to live—no preacher expects a thief to tithe, and the authorities have no claim on moneys stolen. Of course, you need a quick wit to survive… few are happy to find themselves a few thrones lighter, and the Magistratum don’t take too kindly to thieves.” –‘Fingers’ Deru, Scintillan pick-pocket

Rogue Traders are accustomed to earning their livings in the grey areas of the law, but a few brave or foolhardy captains take it a step further…

Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to announce the next supplement for Rogue Trader, Hostile Acquisitions! Within this detailed book, players and GMs will find all they need to run a campaign on the far side of Imperial Law. From new characters and equipment to creating nemeses and running games based on criminal enterprise, Hostile Acquisitions is an invaluable resource on those Rogue Traders who are more rogue than trader.


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